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Madhubani (Bihar)

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To built the best Teacher Education Institution for society has the vision of quality teacher preparation since the development of the nation depends upon the standard of education and the destiny of the children vastly depends on quality teachers.


Education is the manifestation of perfection. Excel aims to mould perfect teachers to suit the ever changing world. Our mission is to provide quality education at affordable charges to the students from the backward area and other places to prepare them best suited to the demands of the market.

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The fundamental purpose of education is the same at all times and in all places. It transfigures the human personality into a pattern of perfection through a synthetic process of the development of body, the enrichment of mind, the sublimation of emotions and the illumination of spirit. Education is a preparation of life for here and life hereafter. The immortal poet "Valluvar" has said, Learning is excellence of wealth that none can destroy. To man nought else afford reality of joy. An old Sanskrit adage states :- “That is education which leads to liberation”.Victories are gained, peace is preserved, progress is achieved, civiliz ation is built up and history is made not in the battlefields where ghastly murders are committed in the name of patriotism, not in the council chambers where insipid speeches are spun out in the name of debate, not even in factories where are manufactured novel instruments to strangle life but in educational institutions which are the seedbeds of culture where children in whose hands quiver the destinies of the future are trained. From their hands will come out when they grow up, statesmen and soldiers, patriots and philosophers who will determine the progress of the land. Madhubani is one of the district headquarters of Darbhanga division in North Bihar at Indo-Nepal border It is situated on Indo-Nepal border at 190 km. from Patna by road, 100 km. from Muzaffarpur, 77 km. from Samastipur and 37 km. from Darbhanga by road. People can reach Madhubani by road from Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Samastipur. From Samastipur and Darbhanga it is linked with rail communication also. There are plentiful/proper comfortable bus services from these places apart from taxi services. In Madhubani district there are several constituent, affiliated degree colleges and other academic institutions. Mithila Art is not onlypopular in India but also abroad. Mithila region having thick population, economically the most backward region due to lack of industrial & trade activities for want of necessary infrastructure. Agriculture is the onlysource of livelihood of the pe ople of this area which too is most uncer-tain sometimes due to drought and sometimes due to devastating floods. Due to thick population having no trade and industries and also uncertain agriculture, people of this distt. are living in pinching poverty. The crowd of the educated unemployed youths is growing day by day, both from Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Mithila region in general and Madhubani district in particular had been the place of learning since the ancient times. This region has produced several scholars, poets, philosophers and teachers of national and international repute from both minority and non-minority communities. People of this area like teaching profession most. Madhubani district has more than 10 lakhs, Muslim population. The entire Muslim population suffers from economic, social and educational backwardness. Muslim graduates are facing unemployment problem and their number is increasing day by day. In view of the decision of the Govt. of Bihar to appoint one Urdu teacher in every Govt. School of Bihar for the purpose of achieving the goal of linguistic harmony leading to national integration and also in view of the fact that due to dearth of Urdu trained teachers in the state the posts of Urdu teachers had been either lying vacant or have been filled up by general teachers the I.I.Minorities Edn. & Dev. Society registered under Societies Registration Act, which is dedicated to Islamic and modern education, cultural, religious and economic development of the Muslim community and others in general and also for development of Urdu Language preserving the secular character of the nation, resolved on 30.9.86 to establish and to sponsor a Teachers’ Training College at Madhubani with completed of all infrastructure & facilities as per rule and run from the academic session of 1991-1992 to cater to the crying needs of the Muslim community on particular and a vast population of unemployed graduates of the region in general and to make them qualified and efficient teachers to seek employment in the schools. Accordingly I.I.Minorities Educational & Dev. Society sponsored and run under Article 30 ( I ) of the Constitution of India a Teachers’ Training College, a minority Institution from the session 1991-1992 and it has been named Millat Teachers’ Training College, Madhubanias per resolution of the spons oring body. Now the college is beingmanaged and administered by Milli Trust through a duly constituted Board of Directors and as such this college is being administered and managed by the registered Trust of the member of Muslim Minority community. It is very gratifying to note that this college was accorded permanent recognition by the Govt. of Bihar Patna and thereupon L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga granted permanent affiliation to this college in the faculty of education. ERC, NCTE has also granted "allow to continue" to this institution vide ERC, NCTE Bhubneshwar letter No. 907 dated 31.5.1996 and granted recognition vide ERC, NCTE letter No. 2802 dated 12.2.1997 and 7634 (i) dated 22.2.1999. with 240 Annual Intake.

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There is an intake of 50 students in this course sanctioned by Eastern Regional Committee, NCTE, Bhubaneshwar, vide it’s letter F.No.ERC/239.6.198(Part-5)/M.Ed./201/52983, Dt. 02-05-2017 There is an intake of 250 students in this course sanctioned by Eastern Regional Committee, NCTE, Bhubaneshwar, vide it’s letter F.ERC/ NCTE/ BR-S/E-2/96/ B.Ed. (Revised Order) /2015/32737 dt. 31-05-2015 There is an intake of 100 students in this course sanctionedby Eastern Regional Committee, NCTE, Bhubaneshwar, vide it’s letter No. F.ERC/NCTE/APE01007/B.P.Ed.(Revised Order)/ 2015/ 32529 Dt.30-05-2015 There is an intake of 200 students in this course sanctionedby Eastern Regional Committee, NCTE, Bhubaneshwar, vide it’s letter No. ERC/7-60.7.2./2005/335-342, dated-05-09-2005