NAAC Accredited with "A" grade

Madhubani (Bihar)

Special Feature

Millat Teachers’ Training College, Madhubani is an unaided minority institution. This institution has unique position in the domain of vocational education by virtue of the dedicated services of its staff and enlightened leadership of the Management. Because of its incredible achievements on all fronts that too with the limited resources at its disposal the college is winning laurels from the people of the area. Discipline of the College is exemplary and worth emulating. Every breath of its life emits fragrance permeating the entire atmospheres with virtue, truth and love engrained into the soul of every disciple, enabling him to fulfill the task waiting for him ahead. The management of the College aspires to make MTTC, Madhubani, a model institution of our motherland. Achieving national recognition & turning it into one of the best centres of vocational education of the country and making it a symbol of glory for the Mithila region is our cherished goal. Curricular & co-curricular activities like Debates, Seminar Symposia, sports its etc, are permanent feature of the College. During the period of training students are fully kept engaged and they get plenty of opportunity to bring their best of by means of above mentioned exercises. It is no exaggeration to say that M.T.T.C. is achieving new heights everyday and today M.T.T.C. symbolises a name worth reckoning and for that we pay obeisance of ALLAH.


The development of country or society depends entirley upon its education-system. India is a great reservoir of talent which must be nurtured. The Board of trusters of Milli Trust (Regd.) the parent body of the college has introduced lecture series on different related topics of the need of skilled personnels to the educational institutions. It has also introduced the lecture series on the subject of the concept of education, Indian heritage and ethose in the college for better understanding by of the concept of education, purpose and rendering services to humanity at large breaking the knott of religion, cast and creed, rich & poor itself by the trainees of the college. It is not a subject mandatory but optional one of the essential and obligatory values for the trainees to avail of the opportunity for enriching their knowledge. The trust seeks to provide opportunity to the trainees to participate in various educational programmes organised by educational forum or society and also invite eminent scholars on the various subjects to deliver lectures to add in the treasure of knowledge of the trainees.